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To escape her impending marriage to the villainous Prince John, Marion flees to the forest seeking a new life with the rogue hero Robin Hood and his crew of do-gooding men. Instead, Marion finds a group of common crooks, stealing from the rich and giving to… their own pockets. As the Prince schemes to betray the King and endanger all of England, Marion must summon the cunning and courage to take him down, save her people, and inspire the aloof Robin to find his own heart. Commissioned in 2011 by the Royal Shakespeare Company, an iconic folktale over 700 years in the making is completely reimagined in David Farr’s adaptation for audiences of all ages.

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June 8, June 12, June 16, June 20, June 23


June 24 – August 25

Get in Touch 845.265.9575


2 hours (estimated, including one intermission)

David Farr

Directed by

Suzanne Agins


Scenic Consultant , Costume Designer , Lighting Designer , Sound Designer , Music, Select Lyrics Music Direction , Choreographer , Fight Director , Voice and Speech Coach , Production Stage Manager , Assistant Director , Scenic Associate and Puppet Designer
Photo by T. Charles Erickson
Photo by T. Charles Erickson
Photo by T. Charles Erickson
Photo by T. Charles Erickson
Photo by T. Charles Erickson
Photo by T. Charles Erickson
Photo by T. Charles Erickson
Photo by T. Charles Erickson
Photo by T. Charles Erickson

But what if what she was seeking was something beyond what she knew? Something dark and unfathomable?

Marion, Act III, Sc. 3

Tora Alexander

Bolingbroke's Heavy, U/S Duchess of Gloust/ensemble (RICHARD II); Alice, Soldier (ROBIN HOOD); U/S Kate (TAMING)

Samuel Bates


Phoebe Bokhour


Benjamin Bonenfant*

Aumerle (RICHARD II); Robin Hood (ROBIN HOOD)

Adam Cabo


Justin Choi

Bushy, Abbot of Westminister, Murderer, U/S Aumerle/ensemble (RICHARD II); Will, U/S Much/ensemble (ROBIN HOOD), U/S Petruchio (TAMING)

Julia Coffey*

Richard II (RICHARD II); Rebecca Summers, Lady LeBrun, Lady Tubbington, Lady Falconbury (ROBIN HOOD)

Liam Craig*

Makepeace, Robert Summers, Lord Tubbington, Bishop (ROBIN HOOD); Rip (RIP VAN WINKLE)

Jose Gamo

Keeper, Ross, U/S Mowbray/ensemble (RICHARD II); Friar, Confessor, Soldier, Lord Falconbury, U/S Robin Hood/ensemble (ROBIN HOOD); U/S Hortensio/ensemble (TAMING)

Talia Hird


Robyn Kerr*


Colleen Litchfield

Herald, Berkeley, Garden Assistant, Bolingbroke's Heavy, Stable Groom, U/S Richard/Queen Isabel (RICHARD II); Townswoman, Soldier, Green Man, U/S Lady LeBrun/ensemble (ROBIN HOOD); U/S Bianca (TAMING)

Sean McNall*

Prince John (ROBIN HOOD); Ensemble (RIP VAN WINKLE)

Wesley Mann*

Northumberland (RICHARD II); Pierre (ROBIN HOOD)

Susana Montoya Quinchia

Lady in Waiting, Murderer, U/S Duchess of York/ensemble (RICHARD II); Plug, Soldier, U/S Marion/ensemble (ROBIN HOOD); U/S Tranio (TAMING)

Trace Pope

Green, Bolingbroke's Heavy, U/S Northumberland/Duke of York (RICHARD II); Much Miller, U/S Prince John (ROBIN HOOD), U/S Lucentio (TAMING)

Nomè SiDone

Percy, Bishop of Canterbury, U/S Bolingbroke/ensemble (RICHARD II); Little John (ROBIN HOOD); U/S Baptista/Grumio (TAMING)

Chris Thorn*

Mowbray, Carlisle (RICHARD II); Gisborne, George LeBrun, Duke of York (ROBIN HOOD)

Meet the Young Local Talents in this Season’s ROBIN HOOD

Posted on May 12, 2018

One Saturday in February, dozens of kids from all over the region auditioned for the roles...

2018 Casting Announced

Posted on March 10, 2018

The Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festivalis proud to announce complete casting for the 2018 summer season! The... 845.265.9575

at Boscobel House and Gardens 1601 Route NY-9D Garrison, NY 10524 143 Main Street Cold Spring, NY 10516

© 2018 Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival

TCR gene proportion analysis. To estimate psoriasis-associated alterations in TCR gene proportions, we count and summarize each TCR gene from all samples into 2 groups: normal and psoriasis samples. TCR gene data was then organized into 2 × 2 contingency tables, which represent tested gene counts and all TCR gene counts per each group. Fisher exact test was performed for each table, and fold change was calculated.

Correlations. Correlation analyses of gene expressions were performed on read counts of each identified gene divided by normalization factors calculated by the DESeq2 package. In addition to this analysis, to reduce interpersonal variation of psoriasis gene expression, for datasets including patient-matched lesion and nonlesion samples, we performed one more calculation in which we subtracted gene expression of nonlesional skin from lesional skin. Spearman’s rank correlation coefficients were calculated in R ( 53 ) (version 3.1.2.) using the cor.test function, which was also used to estimate P values of the correlations by algorithm AS 89.

HLA predictions. To predict HLA alleles from the RNA-Seq reads, we used HLAminer ( 34 ) (version 1.2). HLA typing was performed at the 2-digit level.

Pathway analysis. The gene list enrichment analysis tool ( 55 ) was used to analyze associated genes with the KEGG pathway database.

Meta-analysis. Meta-analysis performed using R package metafor ( 56 ). A weighted random-effects model was used to estimate a summary effect size. A restricted maximum-likelihood estimator was selected to estimate between-study variance. Weighted estimation with inverse-variance weights was used to fit the model.

TCR gene segment proportional expression was log-transformed, and the SMD was calculated as a measure of effect size for meta-analysis of V/J segment usage. Prior to calculating, SMD data was preprocessed using log-transformation. Spearman correlation coefficient was used as an effect size of V/J segment correlation with other genes.

Statistics. Statistical analysis was performed using R software ( 53 ). Two-tailed P values less than 0.05 were considered statistically significant in all tests. P values were adjusted for multiple testing using the Benjamini-Hochberg method. Wilcoxon signed rank test was used to estimate statistically significant differences for paired samples. Fisher’s exact test was used to test statistically significant differences in TCR gene proportions in normal and psoriasis groups. In RNA-Seq analyses, fold changes were compared between groups using the Wald test, implemented within the DESeq2 ( 54 ) package. Correlation analysis was performed using the Spearman correlation coefficients calculated in R ( 53 ) (version 3.1.2.) using the cor.test function, which was also used to estimate 2-sided P values of the correlations by algorithm AS 89. Meta-analyses were performed using R package metafor ( 56 ). A weighted random-effects model was used to estimate a summary effect size. A restricted maximum-likelihood estimator was selected to estimate between-study variance. Weighted estimation with inverse-variance weights was used to fit the model.

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Big banks are raking in monster profits

The giant bank reported a profit of $8.3 billion for the second quarter Friday, an increase of 18% from a year ago and not far off from JPMorgan's Cheap Best Prices Outlet Cheap Kage asymmetric shirt dress Real V6ko3eZD

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American banks have gotten a boost from this year's tax cuts.

JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon said in a statement that "the healthy US consumer" helped drive big gains in its credit card and money management businesses. Deposits grew at a solid clip as well.

Dimon also said that JPMorgan posted record fees in its global investment banking unit in the first half of the year, thanks to a boom in trading revenue, mergers and IPOs.

"We see good global economic growth, particularly in the US, where consumer and business sentiment is high," Dimon said.

Dimon continued to defend Corporate America's use of tax savings to increase dividends and buy back more stock, moves that some have criticized as helping wealthier investors but not average consumers on Main Street.

Hi Dana! We just made our first batch with this recipe last night and it is currently fermenting in the cupboard. Can’t wait to try it! One question, when you say “I fermented mine for about 48 hours, but next time I think I’ll do 1 week for softer cabbage and a more intense fermented flavor.” Are you referring to the stage when you ferment in the cupboard or fridge? I love old, tangy kimchi so I want to make sure I get the most out of my fermentation. Thanks in advance and thank you for sharing this recipe with us!

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Ratna Bhusal says

Thanks for this recipe. Can’t wait to try. I just watched Maangchi’s video on how to make kimchi and was just thinking that your recipe is very similar (means it’s traditional!) but I’m glad that you’ve given managable portion size as supposed to 10 pounds of cabbage like in her video! Anyway, you mentioned that you don’t want to over ferment it. How do you ‘stop’ the fermentation process? Does it stop fermenting once you put it in the fridge? Last question, is there any way to tell if the kimchi we’ve made has bad bacteria in it?


Mabelle says

I made this and it’s was delicious! Making my second batch now :-) I packed it with too much salt last time so this time I will not make the same mistake :-) thanks Dana!


Jacquie says

Hello there, I made your kimchi this week, but for the 48 hour check in/press down as well as the next day (today), the kimchi liquid has bubbled (fermented) out of the jars and made a huge mess! I’m confused. Does that mean it’s done? I left about a 1 inch headspace and used sterile jars/lids. Thanks!

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Veggrrl says

Another idea for your fish sauce! Use nori in your mixture and it will create a fishy salty taste to your kimchi!

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Deb says

I just found you while surfing, looking for new plant based recipes! So excited to try more of your recipes. I made this kimchi the other day and when it overflows I drink the liquid! It is so good I have to stop myself from eating the whole jar. This recipe is a keeper and I will make this again!


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